THE SMOKIN’ SECTION has provided the MUSIC & ENERGY that’s made over 750 wedding receptions and ceremonies MEMORABLE….  at locales from Chicago to Newport, Rhode Island.

We work with YOU:

  • SETTING THE MOOD YOU WANT at your reception – from Elegant to Energetic, from Refined to Rowdy…..  A combination of Class & Excitement
  • You pick THE MUSIC from our vast repertoire THAT SUITS YOUR TASTES
  • We also LEARN YOUR SPECIAL MUSICAL REQUESTS, too!  From From Current Club to Classic Rock, from Country to Head Banger, from Swing to Salsa and much more…..
  • You’ll HEAR & DANCE TO THE MUSIC YOU LOVE… the way it’s supposed to sound.
  • We read the energy from you & your guests…. and you & your guests get it back from us.
  • Our MUSIC & ENERGY get people on the dance floor…. without us getting in your faces.
  • We co-ordinate things with your maitre’d, banquet manager or party planner to make sure you can relax and ENJOY YOUR RECEPTION.   The only sweating you’ll be doing is working out on the dance floor!
  • It’s YOUR PARTY and we customize it  JUST FOR YOU.


From your ceremony thru cocktail hour through reception, we provide the right music that makes things flow.

  • Your Ceremony – Classical, Jazz or Pop – Different instrumental & vocal sizings/options to suit your tastes
  • Your Cocktail Hour – Instrumental combinations from 1 – 5 musicians
  • Your Reception –  Band sizings from 4- 15 pieces to suit your budget and preferences